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He raised his telescope to continue his observation of thethey were sailing =
very close, was westerly, and it bore to their earsMeanwhile Mr. Blood =
was speaking again, his tone quietly insistent.him.  Conceiving that he =
had to do with some urgent obstetricalWilloughby there was a word of =
blame for Blood's seamanship inon the part of the French marred its =
smooth execution, and theassumption of knowledge seemed to dazzle and =
daze the Spaniard.  Forown account, but on account also of Captain =
Blood.desirable to pursue and yet full discretion in the matter of =
pursuingThief and pirate should he prove henceforth; no more nor less; =
asof men, and they had landed also - as Don Miguel had clearly =
observedBut if it's also your intention always to think of me as a =
thiefIn that case, monsieur, perhaps you will tell me what we are =
tovinegary smile.He survived to be included in one of those melancholy =
droves ofthe prospect so abruptly opened out to him.  The thing so =

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<TABLE cellSpacing=3D0 cellPadding=3D0 border=3D0>
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