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Kimberley Stinson amunim at cisco.com
Mon Feb 20 18:09:27 UTC 2006

Market Pulse List PGCN Among TOP FOUR Movers In The Next 1-4 Weeks.

P G C N has climbed from $0.31 4 weeks ago to a close of $1.09 today.

P rofiled:  Pingchuan Pharmaceutical Inc.
6 weeks ago $0.31
Last $0.96
Inf0;  Market Plus Top Four Pick

We expect it will continue to climb especially after "Market Pulses" announcement. 
Just read what they had to say about PGCN.

Headl ines:

Market Pulse Announces its Stock Picks for February 
                M S F T, X T M E, G M, P G C N

2006 PrimeZone Media Network
ATLANTA, (PRIMEZONE) -- Market Pulse is pleased to announce the following stock 
recommendations. Bernard Schmitt of Market Pulse states, "These notable stocks should be 
watched because they look great from a fundamental and technical perspective." Bernard 
possesses many years of experience in the financial industry recommending and evaluating 
stocks. He rates them as follows: 

Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq:MSFT) : Market Outperform 

Xtreme Companies Inc. (OTCBB:XTME) : Attractive 

General Motors Corp. (NYSE:GM) : Bearish 

Pingchuan Pharmaceutical Inc. (OTCBB:PGCN) : Attractive 

Recommendation Meanings 

These recommendations are investment opinions of Market-Pulse.com and reflect the stock's 
potential to move over the next one to four weeks of trading. This analysis is done from a 
technical and fundamental perspective. 

Revi ew:

Get on board tuesday and take advantage of the continuing climb.

Good Tradi ng

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