[Adduser-devel] omniscient

Rebecca Holman dnlnouy at jk.ru
Mon Jun 5 17:55:16 UTC 2006

The chart on  W T A F  is a thing of beauty as it shows what we
mentioned earlier slow and steady upward movement.
That would be well over a 300% gain from these levels.
We feel this is a "S t o c k  A l e r t" and you should have
this on your Radar.
Here is a special company that may be set to make a move in
the near future - this could be your opportunity to be ahead
of the curve!
This company is doing incredible things.
The stocks we profile show a significant increase in stock
price and sometimes in days, not months or years.

Trade Date : 5 June 2006
Name : Wataire Industries
T i c k e r  :  W T A F 
Opening Price : $0.60
3-7 Day Trading : $2 - $3
Market Performance : 10(10)

We Love this company and at anytime they can put out major
news and the price can triple.
Our mission is to claw our way through the thousands of
underperforming companies out there to find the golden needle
in the haystack.
..Whatever you do WATCH  W T A F ...

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