[Adduser-devel] adduser rewrite

Davor Ocelic docelic at mail.inet.hr
Thu Jan 4 23:59:54 CET 2007

Hello folks,

Let me be non-spam message #2 this month :-)

Recently we[1] had a need to add ldap/krb/afs support to adduser.
In going about it, I've seen the existing todo/wishlist for the package,
and combined the effort.

I wanted to check a little in advance with you all, to see if you had
any notes or special requirements before you'd officially accept it.

(I decided to stick with Perl if you wondered; it's good for the job,
and not too much of a problem imho, since it's not even intended
to be the lowest-level interface - you still have useradd & friends
for that).

Here's the situation displayed as a combination of my current status
and your existing todo/wishlist:

 - strict and taint mode
 - global config options & config code in one place
 - modular design in terms of Perl modules
 - modular design in terms of frontends/backends that do the job
 - cleaned-up, simplified and improved code (imho)

I am mostly done duplicating the existing functionality of adduser
under the new "infrastructure".

I paid special attentiont to not mess with existing gettext messages
too much, and to re-use the "logic" embedded in the programs (all the
pre- and post-checks and system execution etc.), so that there would
be as little changes in behavior or existing code paths.

SVN repository should be available within a week or so.

So please follow up with any relevant thoughts.

See ya,

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