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mrvincrosheuvel at hotmail.fr mrvincrosheuvel at hotmail.fr
Thu Sep 15 12:27:17 UTC 2011

Dear Friend,

I  am Mr Vincent  Rosheuvel  the accounts manager of  one of the Daughters  in-laws  of president  Muamman Ghaddafi of  Libya,who lost her husband in the NATO air strike. because of  the revolution  over her father in-law and the frozen of the  family accounts
in different countries.

Below is the link to view the full story.

She have mandated me to look  for an investor who can invest some  funds  on her behalf.

Hence,i  thought it is wise contacting you to handle the project with trust,so that we can invest the funds in such away that it will benefict us and the entire country citizens.

I awaits your details.

If you are interested please furnish me with your.

1) Real Names
2) Phone/Fax numbers
3) Occupation
4) Residence address.

I await your prompt response.

Best Regards.
Mr Vincent  Rosheuvel

From:Mr Vincent Rosheuvel. saw this article on British Chambers of Commerce and thought you should see it.

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