Patch to ignore apt-listbugs/apt-listchanges + RFC regarding usage on live systems

Michael Prokop mika at
Wed Aug 31 11:43:29 UTC 2011


I sent this mail to Ian a few weeks ago, since I never got a reply I
thought it might be a good idea to re-send it to the new autopkgtest
mailinglist. :)

,---- [ Quoting my original mail  ]
| [...]
| I'm trying to dig through and understand autopkgtest and just tried
| to play with it. One thing I noticed when running adt-run is that
| apt-listchanges/apt-listbugs might become active while running tests
| because of package installation/upgrade. I'm aware that this won't
| be common for a "real" test bed, but since people might play with
| autopkgtest on a live system (like, Debian-Live,...) as I
| did they might run into this issue as well. I've attached a patch
| which seems to address this issue.
| BTW: How crazy do you personally consider running  'adt-run *dsc ---
| adt-virt-chroot /' or 'adt-run *dsc --- adt-virt-null' on a live
| system (like, Debian-Live,...)? IMHO this might give us a
| known-to-be-working environment that's easy to get up and running
| and to play with without any risk.
| If you consider this sane enough I'd try to integrate this within
| Jenkins (a continous integration suite) that I'm using already. This
| might give us a nice solution for running tests on each commit/push.
| I'm already building selected binary packages on each commit/push at
| - would be nice to get test
| coverage as well, so now I'm looking for a simple solution to get it
| up and running. :)
| Thanks for autopkgtest!

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