correct Vcs-* location

Ian Jackson ijackson at
Mon Jun 25 13:53:30 UTC 2012

Stefano Zacchiroli writes ("correct Vcs-* location"):
> Heya, I've noticed that autopkgtest's source package is missing Vcs-*
> headers. So I wanted to add them, but I'm not sure about what are the
> correct ones:
> a) I've a clone of
>    git:// from the
>    package early days
>    -> but the last entry there is dated July 2011

This is strange.  I pushed to there very recently.

> b) there a more recent repository at
>    git+ssh://
>    -> but the last entry there is for autopkgtest 2.1.0, whereas we have
>       2.2.0 in sid
> My guess would be that (b) is correct, but that a "git push" is missing
> wrt it. Ian, do you confirm? If so, could you please "git push"? I'll be
> happy to add the relevant Vcs-* fields once I learn which one is
> correct.

I have pushed 2.2.0, to both places.

I don't know why your copy of the chiark repo isn't working.
The canonical location ought to be alioth, I think.


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