Bug#738552: autopkgtest: add support for using locally-built binaries without a second build

Martin Pitt mpitt at debian.org
Mon Feb 10 16:08:42 UTC 2014

Hey Antonio,

Antonio Terceiro [2014-02-10 12:52 -0300]:
> I can use --binary, but that's error-prone and a little difficult when
> you have multiple binary packages in a source.

You don't need to explicitly specify "--binary", merely adding
something like

  adt-run ../*.deb --built-tree=. [...]

will do.

> IMO it would make a lot of sense for --built-tree to use the
> locally-built packages to satisfy test dependencies.

That would introduce the assumption that the binaries are present in
../ (which isn't the case if you just do debian/rules build, or use
{git,svn,bzr}-buildpackage and have them in /tmp/build-area/ or so)
and actually match the currently built tree.

It would also change the current behaviour, which should at least get
an opinion from Ian.

Perhaps there is some middle ground, like adding a --binary-dir=<dir>
which acts like "--binary <dir>/<x>.deb" for each <x>.deb in <dir>?
But then again, this is even more complicated than just specifying


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