Anyone using autopkgtest-xenlvm? Needs a maintainer or get dropped

Martin Pitt mpitt at
Wed Jun 4 08:34:50 UTC 2014

Hello Debian developers,

around 2006 Ian wrote the autopkgtest-xenlvm [1] testbed for
autopkgtest, which contains some scripts to set up LVM and XEN to
provide ephemeral test beds for autopkgtest. However, Ian stopped
developing autopkgtest many years ago, and currently I'm the only

These days we have several much simpler alternatives to the rather
complicated Xen/LVM setup, with schroots, LXC, and QEMU all providing
ephemeral testbed overlays without much effort or requirements to the
host system. I never used -xenlvm or have heard from anyone who does
(except Ian of course), so I don't even know whether it's still working.

If anyone is still using this, can you please get in contact with
autopkgtest-devel at and tell us the status of
it? Would you like to continue maintaining/testing it?

If nobody is interested in this any more, I'd like to drop the
package. It's been a bit of a maintenance drag as it prevents us from
doing changes to the testbed protocol (which really could do with some
major simplifications and bug fixes).

Thank you,


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