Anyone using autopkgtest-xenlvm? Needs a maintainer or get dropped

Ian Jackson ijackson at
Thu Jun 12 12:24:55 UTC 2014

Martin Pitt writes ("Anyone using autopkgtest-xenlvm? Needs a maintainer or get dropped"):
> If anyone is still using this, can you please get in contact with
> autopkgtest-devel at and tell us the status of
> it? Would you like to continue maintaining/testing it?

For the avoidance of doubt: I'm not using it, and it isn't high up
enough on my priority list for me to actually do anything with it.

> If nobody is interested in this any more, I'd like to drop the
> package. It's been a bit of a maintenance drag as it prevents us from
> doing changes to the testbed protocol (which really could do with some
> major simplifications and bug fixes).

I wouldn't like to see the xenlvm virt provider stand in the way of
that.  It should be fairly simple for someone who actually has an
autopkgtest-xenlevel setup to change it to cope with your protocol

I think you should go ahead and make your changes to the protocol, and
if autopkgtest-xenlvm hasn't been fixed by just before the freeze, you
should drop the .deb from the build.


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