Bug#749729: [sadt] please skip non-executable tests

Jakub Wilk jwilk at debian.org
Sat Jun 7 18:54:10 UTC 2014

Control: reopen -1
Control: reassign -1 devscripts
Control: retitle -1 [sadt] please skip non-executable tests
Control: owner -1 !

* Nicolas Boulenguez <nicolas at debian.org>, 2014-05-30, 23:05:
>I suggest that sadt skips non executable tests with a warning and 
>documents this behaviour (as it does with missing dependencies), or 
>displays a warning when modifying the permissions. It took me some time 
>to find who was interfering with my version control system.

Thanks, that's a pretty strong argument that chmod'ing tests is not a 
good idea, at least not by default.

Jakub Wilk

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