Bug#777478: adt-virt-qemu: ensure that Python is installed

Christian Kastner debian at kvr.at
Sun Feb 8 18:06:39 UTC 2015

Package: autopkgtest
Version: 3.6jessie1
Severity: important
Tags: patch

When using adt-virt-qemu, Python must be installed in the guest so that
the information exchange between guest and host can work. Otherwise,
adt-run will terminate with an error. eg:

  $ adt-run hello --- adt-virt-qemu adt-sid.img

  ERROR: unexpected error: "dpkg --unpack
  /tmp/adt-run.Jzu8CI/adt-satdep.deb" failed with stderr
  "dpkg-deb: error: `/tmp/adt-run.Jzu8CI/adt-satdep.deb' is not a
  debian format archive

The attached patch applies cleanly against both the master and jessie
branches. It

  * Modifies the adt-setup-vm script (for vmdebootstrap) to ensure
    that Python 3, or Python is installed (in that order)

  * Adds a check to adt-virt-qemu so that it bombs out if it can't find
    a Python (eg when the user supplied a custom image without using

  * Updates the docs.

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