Bug#833407: Please put adt-virt-* binaries back onto PATH

Martin Pitt mpitt at debian.org
Sun Aug 14 14:25:54 UTC 2016

Hello Johannes,

Johannes Schauer [2016-08-12 15:14 +0200]:
> > The adt-virt-* programs were just never advertised/packaged/documented to be
> > that,
> When I put adt-virt-* support into sbuild, I did that without having consulted
> with autopkgtest maintainers. So apparently it was advertised and documented
> enough such that I not only learned about this possibility but was able to
> implement a full consumer of the functionality. So my experience here differs.

Of course it's possible (and not hard) to re-use them -- I mean that
from my perspective they were not meant to be public API, nor does the documentation or the package description express that.
So I didn't think twice to move them. Anyway, you and Ian disagree.

Would you be okay with calling those from /usr/share/autopkgtest/virt/
for now?

> > so please accept that I *was* fairly surprised to see them being used
> > externally.  codesearch has been broken for a while, so I'm not sure whether
> > anything else uses adt-virt-* right now.
> I found piuparts, pbuilder, jenkins-debian-glue, pkg-perl-tools and debci.

piuparts does not make any assumptions about the virt server location
or name, it's passed in full as a command line option. The others use
autopkgtest/adt-run, not adt-virt*. So piuparts is only marginally
affected, the others not at all.



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