Bug#833407: Please put adt-virt-* binaries back onto PATH

Johannes Schauer josch at debian.org
Sun Aug 14 14:41:57 UTC 2016


Quoting Martin Pitt (2016-08-14 16:25:54)
> Would you be okay with calling those from /usr/share/autopkgtest/virt/ for
> now?

I agree with Iain that the binaries belong into $PATH for the reasons he
mentioned. If autopkgtest changes that, then sbuild will follow because even
with your changes, the autopkgtest approach is still superior to other

I will though re-evaluate whether it makes sense for sbuild to change to
autopkgtest as its default backend. If the adt-virt-* mechanism is not treated
as public API then it's probably best not to depend on it and instead keep the
backend implementations in sbuild itself.


cheers, josch
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