[Bash-completion-devel] Bug#486702: Happens in changeroot as well

Helge Kreutzmann debian at helgefjell.de
Wed Jun 18 19:55:28 UTC 2008

I just set up an x86 changeroot on my amd64 main system. I installed
etch (but no additional packages besides the base system!) and
immediately after chroot change the distribution to sid and ran 
apt-get dist-upgrade.

The upgrade ran fine (except some locale hickups/permission
collissions with grsec). Another all to dist-ugprade requested an
upgrade of bash-completion. This time, the screen mentioned in the
first mail appeared localized (i.e. in German) but the behaviour is
the same: 

If I try to display the changes side by side, the installation hangs
until I press Ctrl-C, then the installation aborts.

The ordinary diff works partially(?), i.e. for long lines I have no
horizontal scroll bar (for example:
 # user commands see only users
 -complete -u su usermod userdel passwd chage write chfn groups slay w
 +complete -u su usermod userdel passwd chage write chfn groups slay w
here it looks like the line is extending beyond the screen, but I'm
not sure, other lines look as if they are wrapped).

Btw. I did *not* modify "/etc/bash_completion" (I just set up this
changeroot) so the detection of "modified files" is broken as well.
Should I clone this bug for that problem?


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