[Bash-completion-devel] Bug#504141: bash-completion: Improved known_hosts completion with -F support, hosts indented or comment-trailed

David Paleino d.paleino at gmail.com
Sat Nov 1 20:05:10 UTC 2008

On Sat, 1 Nov 2008 20:49:06 +0100, Freddy Vulto wrote:

> Hello David,

Hello Freddy,
CCing the team :)

> Yes, you're right about the $i, that should be $1.  :-)

I'm glad I "manually" applied your patch then ;)

> That reminds me: Wouldn't it be good practice to run bash-completion
> with `set -u' active (error on uninitialized variables)?  In the
> upstream bash-completion Changelog I can see "Unbound variable" errors
> already have been fixed around 2003, so it shouldn't be too hard to
> make bash-compliant with `set -u' again.  At least errors like mine
> would be catched early on.  So I'm in favor of honouring `set -u', are
> you/your team?

I would be in favour of too.
Currently, the one who most actively works on Bash-Completion is me. The team
consists also of Luk Claes, but he's really busy with the Lenny freeze right
now; Mike Forbes and Steve Kemp -- but I don't know where they actually are :-(

> I'm hoping to be of further assistance in the future.

That's great to hear :)

> I'm developing a bash-completion fork with split files and automated tests
> (see: (www.fvue.nl/wiki/Bash_completion_library)).  Besides the split-files,
> the code is almost the same as original bash-completion or the Debian
> fork.  Right now I'm catching up with Ubuntu/Debian patches and
> writing automated tests for them.

Uhm, why a fork? ;-)

> Are you using some kind of automated tests?

No, not really, but we thought of something like that in our "adoption plan".
The original upstream author was Ian MacDonald, you know, and we just took the
project over because he had no time. We had lots of plans, but initially
focused on solving bugs. And we're still there :-(

> The automated tests are also suitable for the Debian package (see
> ./runCompletionDebian in bash_completion_lib-1.2.8.tar.gz).

Will take a look, thanks.

> Maybe we  can share the test suite and/or find other ways of cooperation?

Why not?
We could also merge the projects, if you wish. We were thinking of a "dynamic
loading strategy" -- and it seems like you got it :)

However, there's a sentence in your wiki which is false:

Debian package

Debian maintains a fork of the original bash_completion with additional

We're not maintaining a fork. We're upstream :)

(and, in fact, we also release the .tar.gz for other distributions to package

> Can I apply for a bash-completion bzr account?

Go to http://alioth.debian.org , register, and look for the "bash-completion"
project. Ask for membership, and, hopefully, Luk will see your request and
accept you into the group.

I'm going to look at the bash-completion-lib source, and will make a bzr branch
for it. Will send you a mail when I complete this task, I hope I can keep all
the history :)


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