[Bash-completion-devel] roadmap ?

Ville Skyttä ville.skytta at iki.fi
Mon May 18 12:49:33 UTC 2009

On Sunday 17 May 2009, Guillaume Rousse wrote:
> Hello list.
> According to our roadmap,
> http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/BashCompletion/Proposals/Roadmap, we still
> have to finish splitting completions in individual files, and also to
> review existing completions. I did a first pass on first task,

Entries for these changes seem to be missing from CHANGES and Makefile.am, 
please add them.

> but as
> the second mostly concerns completions I submitted myself, I'd like
> someone else to do it :P

Well, as I suggested earlier, I think post-commit rather than pre-commit 
reviews would be a better process for bash-completion.  I have some 
completions stuck in to_review/ as well.  Now that the completions under 
review are committed in to_review/, those terms no longer capture too well 
what I meant, so here's another proposal: completions that have been in 
to_review/ for two weeks or more without pending TODO items (i.e. if all 
issues pointed out by reviewers have been sorted out or if nobody has posted 
any review comments) may be moved to contrib/ by their submitter without 
explicit review pass notice if the submitter considers them ready for general 

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