[Bash-completion-devel] tmux bash-completion

Marcel Partap mpartap at gmx.net
Tue Oct 9 10:34:28 UTC 2012

the tmux package contains a file
/usr/share/doc/tmux/examples/bash_completion_tmux.sh, I asked the
package maintainer to ln -s it into /etc/bash_completion.d/ and he
replied that he would rather see it merged into the bashcomp package
than symlinking that file because of
> at least two reasons not to do it this way: 1) some people drop
> /usr/share/doc using dpkg path filters on space-constrained systems, and
> 2) debhelper automatically compresses files larger than 4KB under
> /usr/share/doc so if the file ever grows past that, it will break.
What do you think, can the file be added to the main bash-completion

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