[Build-common-hackers] 254 packages!!

Colin Walters walters@debian.org
12 Aug 2003 17:17:51 -0400

About a week and a half ago, I looked at grep-dctrl, and noticed we were
at about 130 packages.  Now I just looked, and we're at 254!  As a
percentage of the whole Debian archive, that's pretty tiny.  But for a
build system spreading just by word of mouth so far, it's pretty good, I

I don't know quite what happened in between last week and now, but
whatever we did to almost double our package count, it was right :)

We also made DWN, indirectly because someone suggested using CDBS for
Java/Ant packages:


So, let's talk about the future:
Our major TODO item is multi-builds.  Jeff, I know you're on vacation,
but when you get back we should try to get the ball rolling on this.  I
think we're pretty close.   We should try to set a time where we can sit
down together on IRC and hash things out.

Secondarily, I'd like to see better docs.  If no one claims this I'll
probably do it fairly soon.

Thirdly, we should continue to kick ass! :)