[Build-common-hackers] PLEASE SAVE MY FAMILY

EMY OKADIGBO oka231_emy@post.cz
Tue, 12 Aug 2003 18:36:35 -0700

Dear Sir=2C
May the blessing of the Lord be with you and the rest of your family Amen=2E

I am EMY OKADIGBO the first son of Nigerian 5th Republic Senator President=2C Senator CHUBA OKADIGDO=2C who equally=2C until Wednesday=2C 24th September=2C 2003 =28The day he was systematically murdered=29 the vice presidential candidate of all Nigerian Peoples Party =28ANPP=29=2C the supposed party to be in power=2E Unfortunately=2C the election was rigged by the PDP=2C the party let by the retired Military Dictator=2C General Olusegun Obasanjo =28this was also facilitated by the power of incumbency=29=2E
Ever since PDP assumed power this second time=2C my father and retired General Buhari=2C the Presidential Candidate of ANPP have instituted court actions to make sure that their denied mandate is given back to them=2E The litigation is still on=2E However my father was not aware that the PDP were all out to eliminate him=2C seeing him as a threat to their manipulations=2E
Eventually=2C the present government have succeeded in murdering my father and yet ready to come after the family=2E The evidence of this is clear because they are already calling for my father's assets and my father confided in me as the first son=2E 
Consequent upon his death=2C I discovered that my father had in the vault $24=2E5million =28Twenty Four Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars=29 only in cash=2E Considering the circumstances that led to my father's death and the fact that none of us his children is a politician or serving nor retired military personnel=2C I=2C the eldest son has decided to transfer this money abroad through a honest and reliable person=2C who will assist us to manage this money in a lucrative venture that will sustain the large family=2C since my father is no more=2E
This matter is to be treated very urgently considering the fact that there is no economic security here=2E Therefore=2C if this proposal interest you=2C and you feel like assisting us=2C please do not hesitate to contact me immediately=2E In case you want to confirm of my father's death=2C you can visit Wednesday=2C 24th September=2C 2003 thisdayonline=2Ecom=2C there you will find the sad story surrounding my father's death and you will see that that the innocent man was systematically murdered before his time=2E
While I implore you to keep this information very Secret=2FConfidential=2C 
I look forward to hearing from you=2E