[Build-common-hackers] matter of assistance

maxwell berney maxwellm_berney@hotmail.com
Mon, 29 Dec 2003 12:01:27 +0400

Dear Sir=2E 
I know this letter will come as a surprise to you=2C but i would like you to give it a top consideration so as to help me and my family from our present predicament=2E

I am Maxwell Berney=2C the first son of Mr Leonard Berney=2C a British Farmer based in Zimbabwe=2E My father is now dead as a result of his incarceration by the Zimbabwean Government under President Robert Mugabe who ordered the white farmers in Zimbabwe to vacate their Farm Land and go back to their country=2E

But my father=2C due to his large investment in the Farm Land refused to quit Zimbabwe for his country=2E Based on this reason he was arrested and imprisoned and as a result of his protracted sickness =5BDiabetics=5D he died in Manfe prison on 19 sept 2002=2E
May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace=2E

After his death=2C all efforts by my mother who is a Zimbabwean to secure most of my father's investment was frustrated by the President Mugabes Government=2E Towards this end my mother discovered an original certificate of deposit for a trunk box containing the sum of USD9=2C000=2C000=2E00 =28 Nine million U=2ES=2EDollars=29 deposited by my late father in custody of a security trust company in Dubai=2C UAE=2E The money belonged to the White
Farmers Association =5BW=2E F=2E A=5D which my late father was the Founder=2FPresident with the help of my maternal uncle who was a Comissioner in Zimbabwe=2E

We are able to trace the security trust company to Dubai =5BU=2EA=2EE=5D where the box containing the money is presently deposited=2C declared as Family Jewellries and Antiquities as to avoid raising any eye brow from the authority here=2E All documented proofs in respect of this deposited consignment are in my pocession=2E

As it is=2C I am looking for a reliable partner who can help me safe-guide and invest this money very prudently in his company as advised by my mother=2E 20% of this money will be given to you while 5% will be set aside for miscellanous expenses that we may
incure during the process=2E

Also note that this transaction is 100% risk free=2C you may also be required to come to Dubai if need be on indication of your interest=2E Please confirm your interest on this transaction and contact me on my email address=3A 

I am presently in Dubai =5BU A E=5D=2E 

Hoping to hear from you soonest=2E

Thanks and Remain blessed