[Build-common-hackers] change to autotools-vars.mk

Jeff Bailey jbailey@nisa.net
20 Jun 2003 09:44:41 -0400

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On Thu, 2003-06-19 at 18:32, Colin Walters wrote:
> So we're agreed to change all the ?=3D to :=3D, right?  Were you able to
> figure out how to remove the need to set the variable above for
> tarball.mk?

I'm fine with the change, although we should notify everyone using cdbs
and give them some time to change their scripts if they're above.

The tarball variable still needs to be set above.  The only things I can
think of is to write in the autodetection so that the common case needs
nothing.  I still need the
every-target-runs-this-before-even-thinking-about-anything:: rule for
that, though (so that the variables can get set, and a recursive make

Jeff Bailey

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