Bug#219132: [Build-common-hackers] upload

Colin Walters Colin Walters <walters@verbum.org>, 219132@bugs.debian.org
Thu, 13 Nov 2003 17:37:42 -0500

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On Thu, 2003-11-13 at 10:28, Stefan Gybas wrote:
> Colin Walters wrote:
> > Can anyone here do an upload?
> I can do it tomorrow, if nobody else has time to do one.

Thanks, Stefan, that's good to hear!

> > We have a ton of outstanding patches, most of them look quite good.
> I have already looked at most of them. I'm not sure if #219132 should be=20
> applied: These "ifeq"s look strange to me, isn't that what "?=3D" is for?=


> Also can compressed patches be in debian/patches? This would mean binary=20
> files in the .diff.gz.

Right; If I had to take a guess, he's planning on using this to override
DEB_PATCHDIRS and point at some external set of patches that's already
unpacked, or something.  Robert?

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