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Sun, 16 Nov 2003 23:47:23 +0100

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Dear Sir,

Good day and compliments of the season to you. This letter will definitely =
come to you as a huge surprise but I implore you to take time to go through =
it carefully as the decision you make go off a long way to determine the =
future and continued existence of the entire members of my family.

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is MRS. SARAH MOBUTU SESE-SEKO, =
the wife of the late President of Democratic Republic of Congo who died of =
heart attack. My ordeal started immediately after my husband=92s death and =
the subsequent take over of Government by a new administration. The present =
Democratic Government is determined to portray all the good works of my late =
husband in a bad light and have gone as far as confiscating as my husband=92s =
assets, properties, freezing our accounts both within and outside Congo.

As I am writing this letter to you, my first son MR. CHARLES MOBUTU is =
presently in Holland where he ran to seek asylum because of treat of holding =
him incommunicado in Congo. All these measures taken by the present =
Government is just to gain international recognition. The entire family =
members and I have been held incommunicado since the death of my husband. 
Hence, I seek your indulgence to assist us in securing some funds. We are not =
allowed to see or discuss with anybody. Few occasions I have try traveling =
abroad through alternative means all failed.

My late husband has Twenty Two Million United State Dollars Only =
(22,000.000.00) specially preserved and well packed in trunk boxes of which =
only my husband and I knew about it, these packages were deposited with a =
private vault in Holland without anybody knowing the content of the packages =
because it was declared as Gemstones and other personal Valuables. 

It is packed in such a way to forestall just anybody having access to it. =
Because of the constant threat from the present government, I am willing to =
work with you to invest this funds either in your country or anywhere you =
deem fit to invest the funds, I don=92t want anybody in my country to know =
about the consignment.

Please, work with my Son in Holland for the onward collection of the =
consignment from the security company and share ideals on how and where the =
funds will be invested, my son alone cannot handle this project because of =
his condition as a refugee, hence I=92m seeking your assistance to help us =
out in this project.

n your consent, you can contact my son in Holland with in this email address =
charbutu@netscape.net after which he will give you a phone number there to =
reach him. I would prefer you contact me only by email, for fear of =
interception during telephone conversation, or contact my son directly for =
further discussion and clarification, I will give you 25% of the whole funds =
if you assist me.

Your urgent response is highly needed, all correspondence should be with my =
son for confidential reasons. May God show mercy as you do so.

Yours Truly,