[Build-common-hackers] BUSINESS PURPOSAL REQUEST

PHILIP TOLOMA WILLIAMS philtowilliams@netscape.net
Mon, 17 Nov 2003 07:07:05 +0100

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Dear Sir,

You may be surprise to receive this Email from me since you do not know me =
personally. However, I would like to introduce myself. I am Mr.Philip Toloma =
Williams Jr, the son of Dr. Stephen Toloma Williams who was murdered few =
months ago in Zimbabwe as a result of land dispute. Before the death of my =
father (Dr. Williams), he had taken me to AMSTERDAM to
deposit the sum of Twenty Two Million United States dollars (US$22,000,000) =
in a security company, as he foresaw the looming danger in Zimbabwe. The =
money in question was deposited in a box as Gemstones to avoid much demurrage =
from the security company.
The proposed amount was meant for the purchase of new machines and chemicals =
for the farms and establishment of new farms on Swaziland. 

As you may be aware, this land problem came into force when Zimbabwe =
president Mr. Robert Mugabe Introduced the Land Reformed Act of which my =
father rich farmers and some black farmers where affected. This resulted to =
the killing and Mob action by Zimbabwe war veterans and some lunatics in the =
society, infact, a lot of people were killed because of this Land
Reformed act and my father was one of the victims.

It is against this background that my family and I who are currently seeking =
Asylum in Amsterdam, decided to transfer my father money to a foreign =
account. Since the Dutch
law prohibit a refugee (asylum seeker) to open any account or be involved in =
any financial transaction. As the eldest son of my father, I am saddled with =
the responsibility of seeking a genuine foreign account where the money could =
be transferred . I am faced with the dilemma of investing this amount of =
money in Holland for the fear of going through the same experience in future =
since both countries have similar history. Moreover, The Netherlands foreign =
exchange policy does not allow such investment from asylum seekers.

As a businessman, whom I have entrusted my future and my family in his hands =
, I must let you know that this transaction is risk free. If you accept to =
assist me and my family, all I need you to do for me is to make arrangement =
and come to AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS, so that we can open the non-resident =
account which will aid us in transferring the money into any account you will =
nominate overseas. This money I intend using for investment. I have options =
to offer you, first you can choose to have certain percentage of the money =
for nominating your account for the transaction, or you can go into =
partnership for a proper profitable investment of the money in your country. 

Which ever option you choose, feel free to notify me. I have mapped out 5% of =
this money for all expenses incurred in processing the transaction. If for =
some reasons you do not prefer a partnership, I am willing to give you 25% of =
the money while the remaining 70% that is
meant for me, will be for the investment in your country. Please, contact me =
on the Email so we can discuss further and a chance for you to ask me any =
question you may have in mind, while you maintain the absolute secrecy =
required in the transaction.

I wait to hear from you as soon as possible.

Best Regards,