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Breaking News At The Close Friday September 24, 2004

Perfisans Networks Corporation OTCBB: PFNH

Friday's Close $1.35
Revenues Three Months Ended June 30,2004: 696,504 usd
Revenues Six Months Ended June 30,2004: 1,032,322 usd
Source: 10-Q: 8/16/2004

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OTCBB:MRKL  Exploded  from  $.48 on September 1st to $1.13 September
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OTC:SHGYClosed  at  $.30  on September 1st. This bad boy traded over
$.80 on Friday.

These are the types  of  gains  you  can  find  with  small  unknown
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Press Release Source Perfisans Networks Corporation

Perfisans Networks Announces Design Win and OEM Supply Agreement for
Its New High-Speed  Network  Accelerator  Chips Friday September 24,
4:01 pm ET

Design Win Paves Way for  Extensive  Purchase  Orders  of  Company's
Groundbreaking Network-Boosting Technology

LOS ANGELES BUSINESS WIRE  Sept.   24, 2004 Perfisans Networks Corp.
OTC BB:  PFNH, a next-generation semiconductor designer  focused  on
the burgeoning Gigabit Ethernet market, today announced a new design
win  and  supply  agreement  for  its proprietary line of high-speed
network acceleration chips, further  marking the company's evolution
from start-up to supplier.

DBL Technology Co.  Ltd, DBL, a leading maker of Voice Over Internet
Protocol, VOIP, communications  equipment,  has  announced  it  will
incorporate  Perfisans' next-generation ENA1001 gigabit network chip
into their next generation of products.

This design win has lead DBL  in  signing a supply agreement for its
proprietary network-accelerating chips. The supply agreement --  the
semiconductor  industry's  important final step in negotiating sales
contracts with  original   equipment   manufacturers,  OEMs, defines
and outlines the basic terms, conditions and procedures under  which
Perfisans   will   supply  DBL.  Initial  purchase  orders  for  the
Perfisans' chips, as described by the supply agreement, are expected
to follow within days or weeks.

DBL  Technology  Co.  Ltd.,  based  in  of  Shenzhen,  China,  is  a
significant  player  in  the  Taiwanese  and  Chinese  communication
markets, and  is  among  select  companies  approved  by the Chinese
Ministry of Information Industry. DBL plans to integrate  Perfisans'
proprietary  ENA1001  gigabit  network  chip into several of its new
product designs.

"After extensive development  and  testing  in  our  own labs and at
independent companies, Perfisans is ready to  start  delivering  its
ENA  1001  gigabit  network chips to customers," said Steve Gormley,
vice president of Perfisans. "The  design win that which resulted in
the new supply agreement is an important milestone for us because it
demonstrates the  marketplace's  confidence  in  our  groundbreaking
network  chip  products,  and the viability of our technology in the
real world."

About DBL Technology Co. Ltd.

DBL Technology Co.  is  a  major  communication equipment company of
Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP, for the  worldwide  market.  DBL
designs VoIP Gateways, IP Phone, Gatekeeper, Relay Servers, and high
performance  AAA  Billing servers. The company is based in Shenzhen,

About Perfisans Holdings Inc.

Founded in 2001, Perfisans Holdings, Inc. is an emerging ASIC design
house   focused   on   developing   leading   edge,  cost-effective,
system on chip, SOC,  integrated  circuits, IC,    and    delivering
innovative  solutions  that  address  the  performance needs of next
generation network  systems.  Rapidly  being  recognized by industry
leaders for its innovative network interface products, the Company's
technologies   have   applications   in   telecommunication,    data
communication,   storage   networks,   content   delivery  networks,
broadband networks and rich streaming media.

Perfisans' proprietary chip technology is fully standards-compliant,
and provides high  efficiency,  high-quality network connections for
both business and home  applications.  The  Perfisans'  ENA1001  can
efficiently process protocols such as IP and TCP, and its high-speed
protocol-processing  capabilities  -  10  times  faster than typical
100M-bit  networks  -  can  vastly  improve  the  efficiency  of the
network. The  ENA1001  network  interface  chip  employs  Perfisans'
proprietary  TCP  offload   engine, TOE,  providing highly efficient
network throughput, to enable  high-performance  networks for a wide
range of applications.

Cautionary Statement

This press release contains statements relating to future results of
Perfisans, including certain projections and business  trends,  that
are    future  looking    statements   as  defined  in  the  Private
Securities Litigation Reform Act of  1995. Actual results may differ
materially from those projected as a result  of  certain  risks  and
uncertainties.  These  risks  and uncertainties include, but are not
limited to: the cyclical  nature  of  the semiconductor industry and
the markets addressed by the company's and its customers'  products;
demand  for  and  market  acceptance  of  new and existing products;
successful development of new  products;  the  timing of new product
introductions; changes in product  mix;  product  obsolescence;  the
availability    of    manufacturing    capacity;   fluctuations   in
manufacturing  yields;  pricing   pressures  and  other  competitive
factors; the ability to develop and implement new  technologies  and
to  obtain  protection  for  the  related intellectual property; the
uncertainties of  litigation;  our  ability  to  attract  and retain
qualified personnel; as  well  as  other  risks  and  uncertainties,
including  those detailed from time to time in Perfisans' Securities
and Exchange  Commission  filings.   These future looking statements
are made only as of the date hereof, and the company  undertakes  no
requirement to  update  or  revise  the  future looking  statements,
whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

Good Luck and Succesful Trading!

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