[Build-common-hackers] please don't touch DEB_DESTDIR

Eduard Bloch edi@gmx.de
Thu, 16 Jun 2005 08:36:51 +0200


please stop using the variable DEB_DESTDIR in the future.

Reason: module-assistant uses it to specify the .deb destination dir. It
is used by other packages. OTOH cdbs seems just to declare it internaly
for its own use and just overrides it. AFAICS the variable is not needed
by anyone outside of the CDBS magic space so I wonder about the
justification for using this name.

So, your "solution" is to ask "Should I break your system now or after
the next reboot?". Debconf is not an alternative to fixing the
problem. Such questions are still unacceptable bugs.
              -- asuffield in debian-devel about crazy linux-2.4 repackaging