Bug#369335: [Build-common-hackers] Bug#369335: python-distutils.mk: does not honour DEB_PYTHON_COMPILE_VERSION when calling dh_python

Vincent Danjean Vincent.Danjean at ens-lyon.org
Tue Jun 6 08:45:43 UTC 2006

Vincent Danjean wrote:
> Peter Eisentraut wrote:
>> Vincent Danjean wrote:
>>> When using DEB_PYTHON_COMPILE_VERSION to compile with a specific
>>> python interpreter, dh_python is not called with this version. So its
>>> call does not do anything (and no scripts are generated to compile
>>> and remove optimized modules)
>> I can't reproduce that.  Can you show an example?
> Sure. Try with my package mercurial.
> apt-get source mercurial  => get the source of the (current) 0.9-4

In fact, the current version in the archive is already 0.9-5. So you can
revert the patch I gave you to come back to the 0.9-4 version and see
the bug.

  Best regards,

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