[Build-common-hackers] Bug#521180: Bug#521180: cdbs: DEB_PYTHON_MODULE_PACKAGE behavior changed unexpectedly

Marc Dequènes (Duck) duck at duckcorp.org
Fri Mar 27 13:10:19 UTC 2009

Quoting "Jonas Smedegaard" <dr at jones.dk>:

> cdbs_python_packages is indeed the replacement: In the past multiple
> packages was supported, and I have prepared for that to be supported
> again in the future, even if currently i is not possible.

That's a good idea indeed.

I think there is no other way than reverting the behavior of  
DEB_PYTHON_MODULE_PACKAGE in this case. The following patch just try  
to guess all the cases and define the compatible behavior when  
necessary. It also warns the user in all uses of the old variable.  
Could you give me your opinion ?

--- /usr/share/cdbs/1/class/python-distutils.mk.orig	2009-03-27  
13:20:36.000000000 +0100
+++ /usr/share/cdbs/1/class/python-distutils.mk	2009-03-27  
14:09:38.000000000 +0100
@@ -31,6 +31,16 @@
  include $(_cdbs_class_path)/langcore.mk$(_cdbs_makefile_suffix)

+  $(warning WARNING:  Use of DEB_PYTHON_MODULE_PACKAGE is deprecated.  
You can override the module list using DEB_PYTHON_MODULE_PACKAGES now.)
+  USES_DEB_PYTHON_MODULE_PACKAGE = $(shell grep -q  
"DEB_PYTHON_MODULE_PACKAGE[^S]" debian/rules && echo yes)
+    $(warning WARNING:  Use of DEB_PYTHON_MODULE_PACKAGE is  
deprecated. You can construct rules using patsubst/addprefix/firstword  
and the new variable 'cdbs_python_packages')
+    DEB_PYTHON_MODULE_PACKAGE = $(firstword $(filter-out %-doc %-dev  
%-common, $(DEB_PACKAGES)))
+  endif
  # default package is the first one declared in 'debian/control'
  # NB! override needs to be done _before_ including this file!
@@ -45,7 +55,7 @@

  cdbs_python_destdir = $(or $(DEB_PYTHON_DESTDIR),$(DEB_DESTDIR))
-cdbs_python_packages = $(or $(DEB_PYTHON_MODULE_PACKAGE),$(firstword  
$(filter-out %-doc %-dev %-common, $(DEB_PACKAGES))))
+cdbs_python_packages = $(or $(DEB_PYTHON_MODULE_PACKAGES),$(firstword  
$(filter-out %-doc %-dev %-common, $(DEB_PACKAGES))))
  cdbs_python_arch_packages = $(filter $(cdbs_python_packages),  
  cdbs_python_indep_packages = $(filter $(cdbs_python_packages),  

Marc Dequènes (Duck)
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