[Build-common-hackers] Handling Udeb with CDBS

Vasudev Kamath kamathvasudev at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 11:43:43 UTC 2012

On 11:48 Thu 29 Nov     , Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Quoting Vasudev Kamath (2012-11-19 07:36:17)
> > I converted one of my font package[1] to CDBS format from the 
> > shorthand dh format. This package builds a udeb along with normal deb. 
> > When I switched to CDBS generated udeb is now having docs and 
> > buildinfo files which is not correct (I also get a lintian warning 
> > aboout docs being inside the udeb file) With dh udeb generation was 
> > proper i..e no docs landed in udeb file. So is there a special way to 
> > handle udeb with CDBS?
> CDBS automagically includes some files as documentation (see 
> debhelper.mk snippet).
> You can use something like this to suppress that for the udeb:
> DEB_INSTALL_DOCS_fonts-knda-udeb =
> I don't think you can suppress buildinfo for specific packages.  I 
> suggest filing a bugreport against dh-buildinfo to never produce it for 
> udeb packages.
> You can avoid dh-buildinfo completely by not build-dependencing on 
> dh-buildinfo.  To suppress it being auto-resolved as a build-dependency 
> you can add this:
> CDBS_BUILD_DEPENDS_rules_debhelper_buildinfo =

I used this option and now it works fine. So I will try filing a bug
against dh-buildinfo to make it not including the buildinfo into udeb file

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