[cut-team] Increasing visibility/officialness of snapshots

Raphael Hertzog hertzog at debian.org
Fri Jul 13 07:39:18 UTC 2012

Hi Michael,

On Thu, 12 Jul 2012, Michael Gilbert wrote:
> So, anyway I've been thinking about where to go from here.  I could
> send a message to d-d-a describing progress and status of the effort.
> I could write an article for LWN with the same sort of goal.  But
> really long-term, I would like to try to make these officially
> available on cdimage.debian.org, and have appropriate info on the
> debian.org website, and be among the d-i options on:
> http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer
> So, any thoughts?

In the past I asked you to not over-promote your work because I had other
plans for CUT but since that never materialized and since it doesn't
appear that I'm going to work on it anytime soon, I believe you should
now ignore my old advice and you should feel free to go further with
your project.

That said the audience on this list is rather limited, you should probably
present your project on -devel and re-ask your questions there. Don't
hesitate to get in touch with Steve McIntyre to see whether he's willing
to host your images on cdimage.debian.org.

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