[Dctrl-tools-devel] Bug#651219: Bug#651219: dctrl-tools: Patches to fix two things

David Prévot david at tilapin.org
Wed Dec 7 16:20:41 UTC 2011

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Hi Chris,

Le 06/12/2011 16:32, Chris Leick a écrit :

> The second patch changes the order of related manpages. This follows
> man-pages(7):
>        SEE ALSO      provides  a  comma-seprated  list  of  related man

Wow, thanks a lot for the reference, I may provide a certain number of
patches about this issue (beginning with man-db: Colin shares the point
of view that “man man” should be a good example ;-).

Le 06/12/2011 17:10, Chris Leick a écrit :

> I think the original text is bad formatted:
> I<Which Debian packages are somehow related to the Scheme> I<programming language?>
> Why not:
> I<Which Debian packages are somehow related to the Scheme programming language?>

As you may have notice in the patch you initially proposed, it's because
the sentence is written in two lines in the source code. I don't know
any man frontend that would display the style on the spaces between
word, so it's really not an issue IMHO, but if you're aware of such a
frontend (that would brake or not the display of this sentence), I would
be glad to have a pointer (so we'll fix it in dctrl-tools if the display
is broken, or submit a wishlist bug to po4a if it isn't).



P.-S.: I took care of the trivial unfuzzy for the SEE ALSO sections, did
the German translation update of this sentence as you asked, and updated
your addendum. Anyway, we'll get back to you before the next upload for
the remaining details.

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