debtags website, tagcolledit and tag database customization

Enrico Zini
Sat, 24 May 2003 18:19:06 +0200

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I'm pleased to announce three cute new things that happened lately to
our pet Debian Package Tags system:

 1) First and most important, I've made an SVG logo for the Debian
    Package Tags: you can find it at:
 2) Since there is a logo, I should also officially announce that I've
    made a website for it: you can find it at:
 3) And well, since there is a website, I had to put something new on
    it, and so I've made this GUI for massive editing of the tag
    database.  You can find it packaged as "tagcolledit" in my usual

      deb unstable/$(ARCH)/
      deb unstable/all/
      deb-src unstable/source/

    or wait for the ftpmasters to approve its arrival in sid.

I've also added a "mkpatch" command to debtags, to easily produce tag
patches: it works as follows:

 1) Run tagcolledit with no arguments, and it will automatically load
    the currently installed package tag database
 2) Edit at will
 3) Save the database in a file
 4) debtags mkpatch {file} > my-tag-patch

At this point, you can either submit my-tag-patch to Erich or install it
in /etc/debtags/tagpatch.d to locally customize the tag database (hint:
think of Debian subprojects).

Isn't it neat?



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