[Debburn-devel] License of cdrkit - GPLv2 + additional restrictions

Francesco Poli frx at firenze.linux.it
Fri Sep 15 21:51:03 UTC 2006

On Thu, 14 Sep 2006 18:14:36 +0200 Eduard Bloch wrote:

> #include <hallo.h>
> * Markus Laire [Thu, Sep 14 2006, 03:37:11PM]:
> > I mentioned this problem over a week ago[5] at debburn-devel but
> > didn't get any response.
> Because the hard problems that you pointed out have been fixed. We do
> no longer return "schily" author ID, etc.

You no longer return "schily", but it seems that noone is allowed to
create a modified version of cdrkit that returns "schily" again or that
returns a SCG_AUTHOR string identical to yours.
This is a non-free restriction that is not present in the GNU GPL v2.

> I would like to ask you to give us some days to find a peacefull
> solution without starting another flamewar. But, hey, you already did
> it by Cc'ing debian-legal and so attracting the trolls ASAP. Very
> diplomatic. NOT.

Eduard, you should try and avoid
* accusing other people of flaming or of being undiplomatic
* flaming yourself (calling us "trolls" is not that diplomatic...)

Markus Laire has a licensing issue to discuss and went to debian-legal
to hear the opinion of other people interested in licensing issues:
what's wrong with that?

This extra-restrictions issue with cdrtools is known since at least
september *2004*, see
Since then, there have been many days to think about it.  If there's
work in progress to solve this issue, you can simply state so, instead
of accusing Markus of flaming...

Believe me, I sincerely appreciate this forking effort: I realize that
it's a huge job, but, unfortunately, it became the only way out.
However, since this fork was done with the intent of solving cdrtools
licensing issues, it is of capital importance that *all* licensing
issues are fixed, or otherwise the fork itself will be pointless.

But it is also tradition that times *must* and always
do change, my friend.   -- from _Coming to America_
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