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Igor Kozhukhov igor at dilos.org
Wed Apr 12 09:14:05 UTC 2017


i have DilOS - http://www.dilos.org <http://www.dilos.org/>
it is illumos based platform where i have ported APT/DPKG

i do some updates on my platform bsed on debian mainstream - right now from stretch

i do mirror of some components to bitbucket and i see updates.

i see update to debhelper:
https://bitbucket.org/dilos/debhelper/commits/ea1b656f937c60f0d06d5272c149cb873b7d8ac6 <https://bitbucket.org/dilos/debhelper/commits/ea1b656f937c60f0d06d5272c149cb873b7d8ac6>

where you point to use —runstatedir=/run - but it mistake on DilOS - where i have SMF as service manager - not systemd.

i have no provided my updates to APT/DPKG and others debian tools because work still in progress on updates and i’m working on updates by my free time only.

if it is possible - could you please do not lock tools to systemd specific and some specific changes mark if systemd defined?
it can help to me with my futures ports/updates - do to hack tools for my build env and use upsmtreamed tools.

bets regards,

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