[debhelper-devel] Bug#35733: Bug#35733: debhelper: dh_strip, dh_fixperms, dh_shlibdeps don't recognize all shared libs

Niels Thykier niels at thykier.net
Thu Sep 14 20:46:00 UTC 2017


There are a few patches around for this bug.  I have tried going a
different direction, where dh_strip and dh_shlibdeps improves its
detection of ELF binaries.  Assuming it is viable, I prefer it as it
means less work for maintainers (notably, no manual "--add-shlib"

 * If you have time to spare, please consider testing this branch

Please note that the changes *only* apply to compat 11 (by design).
This is to avoid complications caused by existing packages relying on
the current behaviour.  For testing, please remember to bump the compat
in the package (or using "export DH_COMPAT=11").



PS: dh_fixperms is not covered by this patch.  With -fPIE being the
default, the vast majority of all binaries now show up as "shared
object" making it harder and more expensive to figure out whether or not
the file should be executable or not.  Notably, dh_strip relies entirely
on the permission bit to get this right (and have done so for years)

Accordingly, I do not plan on extending this work to cover dh_strip.

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