[debhelper-devel] Bug#35733: Bug#35733: debhelper: dh_strip, dh_fixperms, dh_shlibdeps don't recognize all shared libs

IOhannes m zmölnig (Debian/GNU) umlaeute at debian.org
Fri Sep 15 07:43:55 UTC 2017

On 09/14/2017 10:46 PM, Niels Thykier wrote:
> Assuming it is viable, I prefer it as it
> means less work for maintainers (notably, no manual "--add-shlib"
> arguments).

fair enough (ah no: *way better*)

>  * If you have time to spare, please consider testing this branch
>    [bug-35733-elf-detection]

i've tested one of my pd-packages with the new debhelper in both
compat=9 and compat=11 and compat=11 indeed does as advertised:
dh_shlibdeps finds all dependencies automatically and dh_strip makes
automatic debug packages!

so from my side: heads up, please include this (that's going to be the
first time i'll actively embrace bumping to a new dh-compat level asap)

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