[Debian-arabic-packages] RE: myspell-fa package

Alan Baghumian alan at technotux.com
Sun Oct 8 04:42:26 UTC 2006

Hi Dear Lior,

That was really nice tip. I done that. OOo detects my DB, but it simply  
does not work. I took a look at myspell-ar package and saw that's  
ar.dic file encoding is WIN-1256 and not UTF-8.

I converted my UTF-8 db to WIN-1256 and tested it again under OOo, but  
not working yet. Any idea?

If you like, I can upload files to take a look.


On 10/06/2006 06:34:54 PM, Lior Kaplan wrote:
> Alan Baghumian wrote:
> > 2) I want to ask how to convert aspell dbs to myspell to use in OOo.
> From the makefile of hspell:
> # The "myspell" target generates the "he.dic" and "he.aff" files
> needed
> # for using Hspell's Hebrew word list in myspell. Myspell is the
> spell-
> # checking library used in both Mozilla and OpenOffice, and its format
> is
> # very similar to the uncompressed aspell dictionary format.
> myspell: he.dic he.aff
> he.dic he.aff: he_affix.dat he.wl
> 	cat he.wl | wc -l > he.dic
> 	cat he.wl >> he.dic
> 	echo SET ISO8859-8 > he.aff
> 	echo TRY יוהאעחכק\'\"שסזדגברנמטצתפםףךץןל >> he.aff
> 	cat he_affix.dat >> he.aff
> I have no idea what is the logic behind the letters after TRY. But
> that's a start.
> --
> Lior Kaplan
> kaplan at debian.org
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