[Debian-arabic-packages] The future of aspell-ar package

Lior Kaplan kaplan at debian.org
Mon Oct 9 21:49:02 UTC 2006

Mohammed Sameer wrote:
>>> Now there's something: The package version is 1.2-0
>>> I don't think it's possible to create a debian package with the version 1.2-0-1
>>> Maybe we should use 1.2+0-1 ? I'm not really sure.
>>> What do you think ??
>> I thought the same, and was wrong. See #389644.
>> Notice the versions of our packages:
>> http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=Debian+Arabic
> I think I'm missing something.
> dpkg-buildpkg insists on building a native package because of the dash "-"
> Here's the debian subdir
> http://home.foolab.org/files/aspell-ar-large-debian.tgz
> Maybe I did something wrong ??

Your debian/ works just fine. I didn't reviewed the package itself, but
I can build a package with it.

So where is the problem? I guess it lays in the name of your orig.tar.gz
file. Your upstream dir should be named "aspell-ar-large-1.2-0" and
aspell-ar-large_1.2-0.orig.tar.gz and the upstream source (which is
actually just a repack of the files from aspell's site).

Let me know when you think the package is ready for review, and I'll
guide you how to load it to the subverion.

good luck.


Lior Kaplan
kaplan at debian.org

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