[Debian-eeepc-devel] boot halts when SD card is inside slot

David L. Johnson david.johnson at Lehigh.EDU
Sat Aug 2 04:06:24 UTC 2008

Kasper Loopstra wrote:
> I'm running Lenny, and also have some issues with my 2 GB SD card. 
> Everytime I boot, fsck needs to check the ext3 partition on it, and 
> sometimes the FAT partition next to it will just stop being writeable. 
> Even as root it won't allow writing, and re-mounting it won't fix that, 
> only a reboot can. I haven't found any reasons for it, and I assumed 
> either a faulty card or a faulty setup, but I thought it'd be important 
> information for any bug-hunters.

As another data point, I had similar problems with my 8g sd card when I 
got my eee 701.  But my problem was that I had altered /etc/fstab to 
mount that disk on /home.  The problem was that suspend (at least, maybe 
a re-boot too) would try to unmount the drive, but fail, and resuming 
would automount the drive on /media/disk (or some such).  So, problems 
would appear, and it would have to check the disk.  It had trouble with 
that, too, so I would have to go through several cycles.

I now just let the system mount the drive where it wants, on /media/??, 
and have all of my files under $(HOME)/stuff which is a link to that 
disk.  It has worked.  I do have to be careful to not have any files 
open on that disk when I suspend, or resume again fouls up.

An ideal solution would be to have suspend not unmount by default, I 
think.  Most of us do not take sd disks out, and especially not while 
the machine is asleep.  But for me, this way is OK.


David L. Johnson

It doesn't get any easier, you just go faster.
		--Greg LeMond

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