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Fabio Pugliese Ornellas fabio.ornellas at gmail.com
Fri Aug 15 12:44:23 UTC 2008

I am no lawyer or license expert... That would be to be answered by some
other more competent person on the area.

I found that I have about 300M of binaries on my system, with a 30% compress
ratio, this would mean freeing about 200M of disk space. The upx won't apply
to Linux shared libraries (although it should work for Windows DLLs...), so
it won't free much more space. In my case (900 mdoel) this is a 1% space
gain, which won't justify the means. Perhaps would apply better for earlier
models, someone should give it a try (at least an estimative).

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On Fri, Aug 15, 2008 at 07:14, Axel Beckert <abe at deuxchevaux.org> wrote:

> Hi,
> On Thu, Aug 14, 2008 at 11:31:01PM -0300, Fabio Pugliese Ornellas wrote:
> > Sort off-topic, but related. I found this
> > http://upx.sourceforge.net/ tool today, which promises great binary
> > compression and very fast decompression (very small slow down at
> > startup). It would be particularly interesting to EEE series, due to
> > small HD sizes.
> Interesting, indeed. I knew UPX, but never thought about it for the EeePC.
> Besides the (IMHO interesting) legal questions which already came up:
> Do you plan to rebuild the whole (or parts of the) archive with all
> binarys compressed with UPX?
> There's another thing which could be used to reduce disk usage of
> installed package: Using lzma instead of gzip at many places, e.g.
> changelogs, docs, examples.
> IIRC rebuilding the archive and compressing the packages itself with
> lzma instead of gzip brought a about 30% reduced size of the archive
> (and therefore e.g. less CDs or DVDs to burn). Unfortunately that
> won't help much here since the extracted packages won't be of
> different size on the disk because of the different package
> compression.
>                Regards, Axel
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