[Debian-eeepc-devel] Brltty and the custom installer for the Eee

Robin Kipp webmaster at robin-kipp.de
Sat Dec 6 16:49:13 UTC 2008

Hello list,
A few months ago, I got an Asus Eee 900. This laptop comes pre-installed
with Windows XP, which I really didn't want on there... :-) So, I wanted
to install Debian Linux on it and was pleased to see that there's a
version of Debian especially made for the Eee... I looked around on the
wiki page and saw that there's actually no brltty (Braille terminal)
included in the installer, which would allow me to use my Braille
display that I'd have to use because I am completely blind. I tried the
standard installer along with the installation / configuration stepps
described on the wiki page, but I find this approach to be all but
optimal, plus it doesn't recognise a whole lot of stuff. So I wanted to
ask, is it possible for you developers to include brltty in the custom
installer? Right now, the whole community of blind Eee users (which is
quite big) can't use Linux, because no distribution that works with the
Eee offers an accessible installation method. Couldn't Debian make a

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