[Debian-eeepc-devel] Joining debian-eeepc

Manuel Prinz debian at pinguinkiste.de
Mon Feb 25 22:48:49 UTC 2008

Hi everyone!

I own an EeePC 4g for a few weeks now and I'd really like to join the
team! I'm a German Debian user and DM. I tested the installers several
times now and wrote down a list of issues I'd like to solve with it (or
others, if interested). I'd also help with translation of the wiki pages
if needed, but Nico already put them into very good shape!

I'm happy to see all the activity lately, especially in the wiki, though
I can't regularly join IRC (where most of the coordination seems to
happen) due to constraints in RL. I'd personally prefer mailing lists
but I'll try to find more time to hang around in IRC to get involved if
that's the prefered way to get things done.

Thanks for listening and all the work done so far!

Best regards

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