[Debian-eeepc-devel] wireless and thermal nocrt=1 not working for eeepc 900/2.6.26

Glenn Saberton gsaberton at foomagic.org
Tue Sep 2 05:29:14 UTC 2008

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Ben Armstrong wrote:
> On Sun, 31 Aug 2008 22:52:58 +0100
> obregonmateo at gmail.com wrote:
>> Yes, both files files contain exactly the same:
>> ---------><---------- /etc/modprobe.d/local-----><-------
>> ##
>> options thermal nocrt=1
>> options pciehp pciehp_force=1
>> -----------------------------><------------------------
> Hmm.  Well, you're in good company.  Our own Glenn Saberton reported
> the same thing.  He applied the workaround, yet it does not work for
> him on his 4G.

A bit of an update on the issue. As a previous user has stated on the
list, it appears to be related to battery level. After a fresh install,
without the nocrt module option and a full battery, I don't get the
thermal shutdown. (this may also explain why some others don't see it,
if they are always plugged into power, or possibly if they suspend to
ram) Once my battery level falls to slightly below full (the previous
poster stated ~90% which i would agree with roughly) then even the nocrt
module option fails. (initrd was updated) Once the battery is back up to
almost full charge, the issue goes away.

Some other good news is that the sid 2.6.26 (-4) kernel does appear to
have this issue fixed. So I guess we have a few options now for people.
Firstly, a suggestion to make sure the battery is full when booting the
26 kernel, and then possibly use suspend to ram after if they need to
work off of battery. Otherwise, the kernel can be booted with acpi=off,
but this of course means no hotkeys for that boot. Or thirdly
blacklisting thermal as previously mentioned. The kernel team mailed for
a unblock of the -4 kernel image so it will hopefully be available for
lenny within the week. The other thing people could do is to manually
fetch and install the -4 image (theres no unsatisfiable depends, it
should install fine with dpkg), which will hopefully  work for everyone
(appears good from my tests) Unfortunately, the ec storm issue is still
in the -4 image, so we will still have hotkeys issues afaict.

If anyone can try and verify these results, we can start getting the
wiki to reflect it, and hopefully release the new installer with a few


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