[Debian-eeepc-devel] 901, 1000 owners, what should soft-button #3 do? ([SCM] Maintenance of eeepc-acpi-scripts debian package branch, master, updated. b70d7df87f2e4223dfebd9681c7941051532abdd)

Damyan Ivanov dam at modsoftsys.com
Wed Sep 3 12:11:46 UTC 2008

-=| Iván Sánchez Ortega, Tue, Sep 02, 2008 at 05:35:29PM +0200 |=-
> El Martes, 2 de Septiembre de 2008, Ben Armstrong escribió:
> > OK.  So what this is about is I understand soft-button #3 on Xandros
> > controls the Super Hybrid Engine.  Wouldn't the least suprising thing
> > on Debian, then, be to have this button switch between cpufreqd
> > profiles?  Damyan said that he finds on-demand sufficient for his
> > needs.
> I agree with Damyan on that - the ondemand (or conservative) governors are 
> smart enough, and work well.

Hmm. The Xandros button handler (the "hybrid whatever") may also 
change other parameters - for example dim screen after 15 seconds or 
similar. I am not sure how to implement it in eeepc-acpi-scripts, 
though. Looks like a job for a full-blown power-manager (of which we 
already have some).

> Besides , if I want to switch cpufreq governors, I use a tool such 
> as kpowersave, powersaved, or even just acpid. Letting those handle 
> the governors works wonderfully.

And perhaps the other aspects too.

> On the other hand, on another thread Damyan raised the question of 
> being able to configure what the soft-buttons do, in 
> /etc/default/eee-acpi-scripts.  There may be users who actually want 
> to switch cpufreq governors with those keys, so it might be 
> desireable to be able to configure the keys to do so.

I think that I can implement soft-key configuration in /etc/default/ 
relatively easy. Just don't feel the need of it yet :)

I also read the "hardware" manual that came with the 901, and it says 
that the first button is used to turn off the display lid (turn the 
light off). It comes back up after a key is pressed.

The second key "changes the screen resolution".

I don't find both of the above functions terribly useful. Closing the 
lid saves more power :)

Still, I don't want to impose my preferences to everybody. Next thing 
I am going to implement (unless somebody does it before me) is the hot 
key configuration so that it would be easy to change the keys 

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