[Debian-eeepc-devel] Bluetooth: how it won't mess older models

Damyan Ivanov dmn at debian.org
Thu Sep 4 15:21:40 UTC 2008

-=| Iván Sánchez Ortega, Thu, Sep 04, 2008 at 04:17:35PM +0200 |=-
> El Jueves, 4 de Septiembre de 2008, Damyan Ivanov escribió:
> [...]
> > I can add to this that particularly on model 901, the "Enable
> > Bloetooth" setting in the BIOS is not controllable at runtime. This is
> > contrary to the wlan one, which can be disabled in the BIOS and later
> > enabled via the control interface (and that would enable wlan in the
> > BIOS too).
> I disagree with your analisys - in my 901 (BIOS version 1101), the "enable 
> bluetooth" setting in the BIOS, and the status of the /proc/acpi/asus/bt file 
> are in sync. If I enable BT in the BIOS, the control file returns 1. If I 
> disable BT in the BIOS, the control file exists and I can turn it on. If I 
> toggle BT on or off, the next time I enter in the BIOS I'll see the right 
> status.

So on your 901 the BT behaves similarly to wlan. I want that too :)

> Maybe you're using another BIOS firmware?

Same as yours, 1101 (the 901 came with it, I didn't flash anything).

Are you, by any chance using the eeepc-acpi kernel module? I use the 
laptop-eeepc one from the kernel package.

I ask about this, as I couldn't find the code in laptop-eeepc that is 
responsible for the creation of the bluetooth control file. There is 
code about camera, cardreader, wlan and screen (whatever that is), but 
no bluetooth. Bummer!

Another funny thing is that when the bluetooth is disabled in the 
BIOS, the "control methods" flags still end with 3, meaning bluetooth 
and wlan supported.

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