[Debian-eeepc-devel] powersave tools (eeepc 901)

oz oz at bluemonk.de
Fri Sep 5 22:29:22 UTC 2008


let me share some observations I made trying to do suspend/resume on my
eeepc 901 12G with lenny.

The minimal packet-set to provide s2disk and s2ram seems to be
acpid, uswsusp, pm-utils, eeepc-acpi-scripts.

With this set I'm able to s2disk and s2ram -f. The Sleep-Button (Zz/Fn
+F1) for suspend-to-ram works. As well does closing the lid, which
triggers suspend-to-ram.

But I don't like to open a root-shell to enter s2disk and having an
unprotected root-shell after resume. And I can't see the battery-load
quickly, just have the battery-LED with its three blink-codes.

So I installed kpowersave on my KDE with the hope, to make it more
convenient. But its menu-entries 'Supend to Disk' and 'Suspend to RAM'
were not working - I just get a login-window (as if the session was
just locked). But very nice is the graphical battery state and
display of the currrent CPU-frequency oft the two virtual CPUs. The
underlaying packet is cpufrequtils.

To get the suspend-functions to work, I installed  powersaved, which
suggests kpowersave. But kpowersave is not dependent on powersaved.
Suspend to ram and Suspend to disk works with it now from kpowersave,
and I get a login-window after wake-up in both cases - great!

The other side of the medal is, the sleep button (Fn+F1) does not work
properly any longer. It seems to start suspension, but after a while I
just get a login-window. And s2ram by closing the lid does also not work
any longer, when kpowersave+powersaved are installed. The lid-event
seems also only to lock the current session.

The best compromise for me now is, to use the kpowersave-scenario -
just a click on a button for suspend and best visual control.

I would like to know, how you handle it on your eee. Do you also have
conflicts between uswsusp and your graphical powersave-tools?


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