[Debian-eeepc-devel] Touchpad on 901

Phil Endecott phil_dlhbb_endecott at chezphil.org
Sun Sep 14 12:12:06 UTC 2008

Damyan Ivanov wrote:
> -=| Phil Endecott, Sat, Sep 13, 2008 at 03:22:59PM +0100 |=-
>> As I understand it, the touchpad on the '901 is not properly 
>> recognised by Debian's X (see HowTo / Configure / Xorg / Touchpad 
>> Scrolling in the Wiki).  It is treated as a "default mouse", which  
>> means that you can't enable/disable features like two-finger 
>> scrolling, tap-to-click etc.  (For me, both of these features are ON 
>> by default - but it seems as if other people find them OFF by 
>> default.)  IIUC it's necessary for the X synaptics driver and/or the 
>> kernel synaptics driver to recognise it, which neither does.
> The touchpad on my eee 901 works just fine (with the generic PS/2 
> mouse  driver in x.org). I can scroll up/down when sliding two fingers 
> over it. I can click by tapping with one finger. I can click the 
> second mouse button when tappingg with two fingers. I can even click 
> the third mouse button by tapping with three fingers.

That's great if you're happy with those settings.  The problem is that 
unless the device is recognised by the right driver, there's no way to 
enable/disable or tweak the settings.  In my case, I would like to 
increase the threshold for tap-to-click: I have found myself 
accidentally clicking on things (including adverts on web pages!).

> I've read somewhere that the touchpad in 901 is not synaptics but 
> 'Alps' something. I don't know if Asus published anything, but if they 
> did, the logical place to look for it is the source tarball 
> distributed from their site.

Have you seen a tarball for the '901?  I can only find them for the 
non-Atom models.  I don't think they bother to produce them until 
someone threatens to sue.


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