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Glenn Saberton gsaberton at foomagic.org
Thu Sep 18 02:20:01 UTC 2008

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Richard Minutillo wrote:
> I've been attempting to install the 20080907 image to an SD card in the
> internal SD slot of my 4G. I noted the comment on the wiki and read the
> referenced thread about SD card issues, but I've had no other issues
> with the SD card reader under normal Xandros operations, and I have a
> late BIOS (0901.) In any event, here's what is happening to me:
> No problems copying the IMG to a USB stick and booting it. If I boot
> with an SD card in the internal reader (any card) the installation
> appears to  hang before the first 'choose language' dialog, If I pop out
> the card the installation proceeds normally, but as soon as I insert the
> SD card the installation appears to hang and the alt console displays
> "end_request: I/O error, dev sdb, sector 7812088" among other messages.
> I get this problem with all of the SD cards I have tested, and I get it
> whether  I'm booting on battery power or plugged in.
> If I wait long enough (several minutes) the installation picks up after
> each apparant hang, but each hardware detection (including network
> interface detection) takes several minutes to get through and,
> utimately, when I finally get to the partitioner, it does not find the
> SD card, only the boot stick and the internal flash drive!
> If I attempt a stick-to stick installation, by-passing the internal card
> reader, no issues.
> I'd really like to try debian on the eeepc, and I's really like to
> install it on and boot it off the internal card reader. Suggestions welcome.
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I would have tended to say its a card error, but as you say that you
have tried several cards, i guess the only thing that it could otherwise
be is the actuall reader itself. Many people have installed to sd cards
by now, and it generally isnt a problem. Kernel io messages tend to be
hardware issues in my experience.


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