[Debian-eeepc-devel] uvc webcam with Ekiga ?

Frédéric Boiteux fboiteux at calistel.com
Thu Jul 30 15:00:55 UTC 2009

Le Thu, 30 Jul 2009 09:51:31 -0300,
Pedro Bulach Gapski <pbgapski at gmail.com> a écrit :

> I am also interested in this issue. I have a similar problem with
> kopete, which does not recognize the camera. On the other hand,
> luvcview and mplayer use the camera with no problems. I remerber that
> kopete used to work with the camera (several months ago), so that may
> be related to newer kernels.
> Searching the net I found a hint that it may be hal-related, but I had
> no time to investigate it further. It may be that hal sees the camera
> as v4l and not v4l2 [1].

With activating debug traces in Ekiga, I can see that it detects the
webcam and tries to use the V4L2 interface (then, the V4L one) without
success. But the error message isn't heplful.

  I'll try to contact Ekiga's devs to identify this issue, I'll give
back news if I have.

> My hw is an eeepc 900 with lenny and kernel 2.6.30 and acpi from
> backports.

To help on this issue, what is the USB reference of your camera (lsusb
output) ?


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